[Tweeters] California Quail in Ballard!

Pat Fallon phunkyhawk at gmail.com
Sun Mar 16 16:59:25 PDT 2014

Was riding down 24th Ave NW in Seattle today around 2:45 trying to make the
farm Market today when I spotted 3 pigeons foraging under a parked car that
didn't seem quite right.... As I passed I noticed they bottom half of the
bird seemed heavy and on top of the head were plumes!!!

I didn't an immediate u turn and got to watch the small covey of 3 pass
across busy 24th Ave. (this was between 67th and 70th Streets)
I was very excited because though I have though I had heard quail in some
of the thicker parks before I have never seen one in Seattle!

Do people raise quail like chickens around here? Could they have been
escaped birds? Either way it made me happy!

Enjoy the emerging spring!

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