[Tweeters] Nesting bushtits wanted!

Sarah Sloane-Barton sloane at maine.edu
Sun Mar 16 13:02:12 PDT 2014

Hi all,

I have found what I hope to be a long-term buahtit study area here in The San Juan Islands. Plenty of bushtits, but still hanging in flocks with no sign of nesting yet. And I watched a flock of 11 for 6 hours without stopping two days ago. So….no nesting.

I would would love information about currently nesting bushtits anywhere -- either birds seen carrying nesting material or an active nest. I have a suspician that they began building earlier when things were dry and have abandoned those nests -- either temporarily or permanently -- until the weather dries out again.

Also, if any of you have records from past years about observing nesting in bushtits, that would be fun to hear about.

Happy birding!

San Juan Islands, WA

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