[Tweeters] Easy Street

Jeff Gibson gibsondesign at msn.com
Sun Mar 16 10:21:45 PDT 2014

Late dawn, and I was inspired to song, this morning in Port Townsend.

" Easy Street,

And the Robins are singin',

Earthworms are swimmin',

'Cause the rainwater's high..."

(to the tune of Gershwin's " Summertime")

I was walking up 7th street (my temporary digs) in a steady rain, the street edge rushing with rainwater. Many big earthworms were snaking around in the water. It was raining hard enough to put a bit of a damper on singing Robins, which have been providing a nice dawn chorus here for a week or more, but there were a few belting out their tune.

That got me thinking about our land of plenty here in the great Puget lowlands. I mean, right now, how hard would it be for a Robin to get all the food they need? Not too darn hard with all these worms about.

Kinda like the First People (AKA Indians, with their specific tribal names) here. The worms in the roadside rain stream reminded me of Salmon (or more like Lamprey) in a

river. Salmon , clam, and otherwise rich in our mild seashore climate, they as a culture had the spare time to create some of the worlds more interesting art. Easy street, at least compared to some.

The well fed Robins here are also skilled fiber artist's (nest builder's) , and,of course, can sing real good. That's a successful culture, far as I'm concerned.

just sayin'

Jeff Gibson

reporting from wet

Port Townsend Wa

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