[Tweeters] Grant County Gray-headed Junco

Doug Schonewald dschone8 at donobi.net
Sat Mar 15 18:17:19 PDT 2014


Last weekend I got a fleeting glimpse of an unusual junco along Frenchman
Hills Road about a 1-1/2 miles east of Birders Corner. Today I was able to
confirm that it is a gray-headed junco (I believe that two separate
gray-headed juncos in the same general area is extremely unlikely and this
was likely the same bird I saw last Sunday). The bird was hanging right
along the road with a bunch of white-crowns. Also I was able to see about
30-40 Boehmian Waxwings further down the road. This road is very narrow and
there are very few places to pull off so please be careful if you look for
this bird.


Doug Schonewald

Moses Lake,WA

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