[Tweeters] the exodus

Diann MacRae tvulture at gmx.com
Sat Mar 15 15:07:19 PDT 2014

Hi, Tweets

It happened last Wednesday. I knew it was going to happen, but not exactly when. Almost to a bird our huge winter flock of juncos took off; I think about four remain. I'm so sorry I didn't keep the date last year when I finally became aware. This year we were waiting and on Wednesday the feeders were quiet of juncos. I usually fill a couple of them every day - not now. Anyway, soon the summer juncos will arrive and things will be "normal" again with nesting. etc. The thing I was aware of was that they left just after the varied thrushes had been singing for a week and also about a week after Indian plum starts blooming. Live and learn!

Cheers, Diann

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