[Tweeters] 2013 WA Birder List and Big Day Reports

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Fri Mar 14 09:08:21 PDT 2014

Laurie and Ken,

Thank you for putting this together every year. The list report and big day reports are a great tool for the Washington birder brigade. It is a tremendous amount of work and is very much appreciated.

Thanks again,


Rick Taylor
Everett, WA
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Subject: [Tweeters] 2013 WA Birder List and Big Day Reports

Apologies, this email will most likely post twice on tweeters. I received notice last night that my original email must be "reviewed" before it can post.
I hope that without the website link email links that this will post properly.

2013 Washington Birder List and Big Day Reports are now available on Washington Birder website. Also on this page are the individual County Statistics from 1992-2013. We are currently experiencing a problem with the Cowlitz County (page 8) and Wahkiakum County (page 35) Statistics pages. If you want to view those pages before I resolve the mystery as to why two pages of a 39 page .pdf file appear in “invisible” ink on the website, please send me an email: washingtonbirder "at" hotmail dot com. Many thanks to Michael Hobbs and Matt Bartels for their work in putting these files up on the website. We hope you enjoy the reports this year! Laurie KnittleVancouver, WA

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