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Yesterday 40 of us had a disappointing day at Nisqually, with a cold fog covering most of the refuge until almost noon. Still we had a pretty good day. There was a 5.9 low tide at 10:13 so the estuary boardwalk group had better viewing conditions than I did.

Highlights included 5 GREAT HORNED OWLS and FOY WOOD DUCKS. Most of the birds sat out the early part of the day while the fog was settled in and weren't very active for most of the morning.

The GREAT HORNED OWLS were in the riparian area near last year's nest along the Nisqually River. One of the adults was sitting on a branch among the 3 youngsters . The other adult was on the inside of the boardwalk back in the trees. Much better view of the 4 OWLS than the one.

The WOOD DUCKS were spotted in the slough near the turn off to the twin barns and later flew around the area for awhile.

Near the 2nd overlook on the way to the twin barns turnoff I spotted an ANNA'S HUMMINGBIRD that appeared to be building a nest high in the trees. She kept returning to the one spot that was under an overhanging branch and working on the moss. Sure hope I can find that spot again next time.

We did spot 8 GREATER WHITE FRONTED GEESE. 7 were together as usual and one was with a small flock of CACKLERS not far from the 7.

For the day I had 42 species and now have 78 for the year.

Until next week when Eric will lead......

Phil Kelley
scrubjay323 at aol.com
Lacey, WA

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