[Tweeters] New Yard Bird- Hutton's Vireo

Ken and Tina Grant kenandtina at comcast.net
Tue Mar 11 11:45:52 PDT 2014

Hey all,

For many years I have heard a strange bird call from the tops of the trees
in my neighborhood this time a year. I live in an area with many Douglas
firs over a 100' tall, and could never see the bird well.

Last week while walking the Snoqualmie Valley Trail near my house saw/heard
a strange sounding Ruby-crowned Kinglet. Then realized it was a Hutton's
Vireo, played a few of it's calls/songs on my phone and futher realized the
calls in my yard were same bird. Mystery solved and a new yard bird to my

Good birding,

Ken Grant

North Bend WA

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