[Tweeters] Photos from Snoqualmie Flood & Eagles

Teresa Stokes tlstokespoetry at gmail.com
Mon Mar 10 20:09:21 PDT 2014

Here's some photos of flood adventure. Mostly adult and juvenile bald eagles
and at least three turkey vultures: (Sunday 3/9)


It was quite a distance, a boat would have been helpful! Stopped by briefly
twice today and a couple of eagles were still in one of the trees. Only
avid birders know why you would drive like crazy home to grab the camera,
then try to beat the rain back to stand by the roadway with a horse
snapping photos, until a needed bathroom break, then back for another hour
for more photos. That's what I call fun, right? Magic is the action of
learning to communicate in silence with nature. Then of course there's the
addictive quality mixed in.

T.L. Stokes
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