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Jason Hernandez jason.hernandez74 at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 9 20:51:37 PDT 2014

Okay, now can someone tell me -- given that the Wikipedia article mentioned a zone of overlap between "Pacific" wren and winter wren -- how to tell them apart?  I am skeptical of cryptospecies; if there really is assortative mating, then the two species must be able to tell each other apart -- and if you can explain how they tell each other apart, you have just provided me also with a way to tell them apart.  Like the former rufous-sided towhees: one has spots on the wings, one does not, and the songs sound different, okay, I accept Eastern towhee and spotted towhee.  But American crow vs. Northwestern crow -- since no one has ever been able to tell me any consistent differences between them, I am of the opinion that they are indeed conspecific.

So: how can I tell the difference between a Pacific wren and a winter wren, if I am in the zone of overlap?

Jason Hernandez
Bremerton (not that it's anyone's business)

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So my question:  It this Pacific / Winter Wren nesting an outlier for the
Greater Puget Sound Terrestrial Lowland community?  and if it is an
outlier, how much of one is it?

(and if anyone wants to tell me how to better reply to one post than to cut
and paste the old one, you are welcome to.  I couldn't easily figure it

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