[Tweeters] Gyr still near Snohomish

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Sun Mar 9 18:36:03 PDT 2014

Hey, all,

A couple of us went to the end of 103rd s. e. of Snohomish today where
the adult Gyrfalcon has been seen in recent weeks. We watched Snow
Geese (two with neck collars, one blue goose, one Cackling) and eagles
and such for a couple hours, had lunch, then stepped out and looked
around, and it had appeared (!). We got fairly close scope views of it
in a cottonwood closer than the big trees for 20 minutes or so until a
Red-tailed landed near it. The falcon called a few times and flew away
to the south. We looked, but didn't find it over around the white house
on old Snohomish road where it had been seen in earlier weeks.

Also: ravens, Sharp-shinned and Cooper's Hawks, Tree and Violet-green
Swallows, ...

9 March, 2014,

Alan Grenon
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