[Tweeters] Rufous Hummingbird Arrival

MEYER2J at aol.com MEYER2J at aol.com
Sat Mar 8 17:27:52 PST 2014

Hi Tweets:

In the gloom of the afternoon rain, there arrived a shining star. First
of the season male Rufous Hummingbird has arrived at my home feeders. Last
year's arrival was March 11. The earliest arrival I have recorded is March
2 at my previous house, 5 miles west of my current home. I now await the
female Rufous Hummingbird and many more. There are currently 10-13 Anna's
Hummingbirds frequenting three 4/cup feeders.

Joyce Meyer
East of Redmond, WA
_meyer2j at aol.com_ (mailto:meyer2j at aol.com)

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