[Tweeters] Kitsap Lake Tufted Duck

J. Acker owler at sounddsl.com
Fri Mar 7 19:05:53 PST 2014

I observed the Tufted Duck this afternoon at 4:15, for about 45 minutes.

For those wanting to see this bird, it can be frustrating due to the access
issues with the Lake. There are two public access, both at the south end of
the lake. On both days I observed the bird, it was initially located at the
north end, and tending towards the east side.

Yesterday the weather produced choppy water, which gave very distant and
intermittent views of the bird in the afternoon. Today, armed with my
scope, best bins, and a kayak, I went to get a more satisfying view of the

The TUDU stands out from all scaup with the black and white contrast. There
are no “shades of gray”.

The tuft is not usually visible (at least in the 45 minutes I spent with the

I initially located it on the east side of the lake, probably ¾ of the way
up, near the shore. It seemed to hang out by itself for the most part while
I observed it, though towards the end of my observation, it did fly and land
near a group of scaup, but remained separate.

The kayak approach was worth the effort, in that I got reasonable looks at
the bird. The bird spooked easily. I could not get within 100 feet of it.
I caused it to fly on three occasions (nothing I am proud of and attempted
to avoid). The last time it landed near a group of scaup, where the contrast
between the two species was apparent. The TUDU stands out from the scaup
and is easily spotted as “different”.

There are a lot of trout fisherman there in the late afternoon, both fishing
from the two docks and in boats.

-J. Acker

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Bainbridge Island, WA

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