[Tweeters] Northern Bobwhite, near Salt Ck. Co. Park, Clallam Co.

bruce paige BBPaige at nikola.com
Fri Mar 7 18:37:37 PST 2014

I was scanning the roadsides for Wild Turkeys, which still roam the Joyce area in small numbers, when there was a covey of 12 quail in a pasture next to a hedgerow.Thinking California Quail, they turned out to be Northern Bobwhite instead. They were skittish and obviously on the look out for predator birds. I understand bobwhites were formerly much more common when they were released around the farmlands in the last century. Were these leftovers or new introductions? A local resident said they have been in the area for years, so who knows?

Bruce Paige
Sequim, WA

spruceak at yahoo.com

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