[Tweeters] RE: swan sightings

Martha Jordan swanlady at drizzle.com
Thu Mar 6 10:54:52 PST 2014

This is the time of year when swan begin to move around--seemingly all over
the place. Sometimes they move south and west as the time for migration gets
If anyone has sightings that they are not posting to tweeters, please
send them along to me. We are working to develop information on their
movements in late winter early spring. The sighting in Tenino could be swans
that have moved up from south areas in WA or OR or it could be swans that
are moving south and a bit west from Enumclaw/Sumner area or even Snoqualmie
Valley. We have observed swans moving from Skagit to Quilcene and staying
for a month before moving north.
If any one sees a collared swan (either species) please let us know as
well. Photos of them are greatly appreciated.

Martha Jordan
The Trumpeter Swan Society
Washington Swan Stewards-Chair
PMB 272
914 - 164th Street SE
Mill Creek, WA 98012
Cell 206-713-3684

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