[Tweeters] Eells Springs Fish Hatchery Green Heron

Blair Bernson blair at washingtonadvisorygroup.com
Tue Mar 4 22:11:29 PST 2014

My goal today was to finally get a good/acceptable
photo of a Glaucous Gull. The target was the
Glaucous Gull reported by Carl Haynie at Griffits
Priday SP north of Ocean Shores. The weather was
MISERABLE - so even though I found the gull, not a
picture to be had...oh well there is always
tomorrow (and tomorrow and...) HOWEVER - to avoid
traffic to the coast I decided to leave early and
take the Ferry from hometown Edmonds to Kingston
and then down through Mason County stopping at
Belfair Park hoping for the Willet and Marbled
Godwit that have been there. The former was
easily found and the latter was also but a
challenge. The next stop would be the Eells
Springs Fish hatchery hoping for the Green Heron
that Bill Tweit and Bruce LaBar reported. The
weather got even worse and the lowlands on te way
to the Hatchery were nearing flood condition.
Nonetheless I finally found the hatchery and then
the Heron. It has been there for some time and is
readily located in the evergreens bordering the
ponds (sometimes apparently coming down into the
pond area itself when the hatchery folk are away.
So for anyone who would like to see this bird, the
odds are pretty good...just be careful of the high
water. The people at the hatchery are very nice
and helpful and the story of their trout is pretty
interesting. Not an easy place to find...thank
goodness for GPS.

Blair Bernson

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