[Tweeters] From the Fill

Connie Sidles constancesidles at gmail.com
Mon Mar 3 09:41:58 PST 2014

Hey tweets, Although the rain just got more and more relentless as yesterday wore on, my son and I refused to let it dampen our spirits - or our desire to see what we could see out at the Fill.

Best bird on view despite the rain: an overwintering ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER, coming periodically to a hummingbird feeder on Surber. On the opposite side of the Fill in the Dime Lot, a Ruby-crowned Kinglet became so agitated by a rival that he lit his entire head on fire by opening and spreading out his ruby crown. So wide was his bonfire we couldn’t figure out where he stored the olive feathers that usually covered this fiery display. Also fun was a gorgeously plumaged Song Sparrow almost glowing with reddish glints in his head feathers. A most handsome fellow - until he opened his beak and began to sing. Alex and I were stunned into silence by the sheer raucousness of this bird’s supposed song. “Well, if you can’t be talented,” said Alex at last, “I guess you’d better be handsome."

Here is a poem for today:

A cozy house is nice on rainy days.
Until I realize my comfort denies me
the warmth of a kinglet's flaming crown
best seen in the cold rain.

- Connie, Seattle

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