[Tweeters] Spring is in the Air

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Yep! Know what you mean, Jack. Been seeing lots of that myself, as well as
lots of activity at the various feeders. But, for me, the penultimate
indicator that "spring is in the air", is the spectacular chorus of little
tree frogs in the swampy area at the bottom of our hill. It's wonderful to
step out at night, hear the hooting of the Barred Owls steeped in an endless
sea of chirping tree frogs. Love it, I do!

On Goebel Hill NW of Granite Falls

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Hey Tweeters,

I've been witnessing all kinds of mating behavior this last week. The most
dramatic was the Union Bay Eagles mating on a snag out on one of the little
islands off the fill.

I don't think my friends in Montana and the Midwest would buy it, but Spring
is coming.

Jack Nolan
Shoreline, WA.
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