[Tweeters] Eagle gathering at Alki 3/1

Brenda Burnett beaknbird at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 2 07:31:16 PST 2014

Yesterday there were 5 Bald Eagles on the low tide beach near the Alki lighthouse at about noon. One adult was mantling over something he or she was eating, and 3 other adults and 1 juvenile stood closely by, watching. The eater eventually flew off with the remains, which were not recognizable by then as fish or fowl.

In the vicinity, keeping their distance, were Surf Scoters, a couple of small flocks of Brant geese (about 20 total), 100+ Sanderlings foraging in tide pools, a male Common Merganser, and of course Buffleheads and Horned Grebes.

Brenda Burnett
West Seattle

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