[Tweeters] Slaty-backed Gull, Rufous Hummingbird

Chris Rurik chrisrurik at gmail.com
Sat Mar 1 13:17:44 PST 2014

Hi Tweeters --

Gog-le-hi-te Mitigated Wetlands (Pierce Co.) this morning: Finally got to
see the slaty-backed gull after 8-10 attempts over the last few years.
Thanks to the two birders who pointed it out to us. We viewed it from the
path that parallels the train tracks, on a rooftop across the tracks. We
had no luck in finding the red-shouldered hawk, though we went a good ways
up the Puyallup River.

Parents' home in Gig Harbor: an early rufous hummingbird.

Chris Rurik
Denver CO

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Historian / Storyteller
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