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Hi Barry & all

Bottle Beach is extremely tide dependent for shorebirds. When the tide is
out, the shorebirds tend to come in and start working over the mud, but can
be fairly far out. As the tide comes in the birds move closer to the beach
and viewing gets much better. By the time the tide is almost at the high
point the birds have started to move further out into Grays Harbor.

You should probably look not only at the time of low tide, but also of high
tide. My experience has been that you need to be at Bottle Beach at least
two hours before high tide. If you catch the tide just right, and the birds
are in the viewing can be really impressive.

The tide program I am using shows that low tide at Westport (across the bay
from Bottle Beach is at 11:07 and high tide is at 17:53.

Good birding,

Brian H. Bell

Woodinville WA

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I'm planning on being in the area of Bottle Beach (Gray's Harbor) this
Saturday, and I'd like to see some shorebirds. I'd be there about noon, and
it appears that the tide will be at its lowest then. Is it worth even
visiting Bottle Beach for shorebirds at low tide, or would they be too far
away to view, even with a scope, at low tide?

I'll actually be on my way to Seaside, Oregon, and it would be about a 45
minute detour to visit Bottle Beach, so I'd like to know if it is worth

Thanks for any advice or info.

Barry Brugman

Kirkland, WA

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