[Tweeters] Marymoor Park (Redmond, King Co.) 2014-07-31

Michael Hobbs birdmarymoor at frontier.com
Thu Jul 31 12:55:26 PDT 2014

Tweets – What a gorgeous morning. Dawn was clear, with Venus gleaming. A little later, Mt. Rainier was orange through the chilly ground fog. They day warmed evenly under blue skies and by the end, we were walking around in mid-70’s bliss. There were lots of birds to look at, and some good surprises (and one horrible surprise).


AMERICAN BITTERN At Rowing Club pond – FOY
Green Heron Juvenile – probably one bird, seen twice
Cooper’s Hawk? Largish accipiter flew east into park
Virginia Rail Two responded from Lake Platform
GREATER YELLOWLEGS One calling repeatedly while flying (unseen)
California Gull Adult, and later a juvenile, over lake
BARN OWL One roosting in Doug Fir, west edge of East Meadow
Pileated Woodpecker One, calling a lot
Warbling Vireo Adult feeding young, south end of Dog Meadow
Purple Martin Gourds looked empty; one flying over lake
Tree Swallow At least 1; will be leaving soon
Or.-crowned Warbler Two, south end of East Meadow
Common Yellowthroat ABUNDANT, with many juveniles
Yellow Warbler Several more than recent weeks, incl. feeding young
Wilson’s Warbler Male, west edge of Dog Meadow

The AMERICAN BITTERN was the first for the year, and one of our best looks ever for this species at the park. It was (is?) very near the road in the main pond at the Rowing Club at Marymoor West, just sitting in the grass at the edge of the pond. We’d not had a Bittern during one of our walks since 2009, and I have only two reports (both from 2013) in the intervening period.

The HORRIBLE SURPRISE was our first-ever sighting of NUTRIA, along the slough across from the 3rd Dog Swim Beach. This is BAD NEWS, for this non-native is very destructive and damaging.

Also, Ollie Oliver saw a MERLIN in the park yesterday.

For the day, 63 species. For the year, adding American Bittern, I believe we’re at 140 species (low compared to previous years at this date).

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