[Tweeters] RFI Eastern Wood-pewee-Thanks

mcharest at wamail.net mcharest at wamail.net
Thu Jul 31 07:10:11 PDT 2014

Good Morning,

I saw an ebird report by Matt Yawney that he had located an Eastern
Wood-pewee in the same location as last year. I was working out of state
during the entire time that the bird was being seen last year and was
unable to go see it. My plan is to make it over there Saturday.

The map and satellite view on the report show the area fairly easy to find
and Matt commented that the bird is in pretty much the same area as last

I was wondering if Matt or some of you that made it over there last year
could tell me a little more info on the birds location. I think I remember
some saying that the orchard owners were birder friendly, as I do not want
to trespass or have any uncomfortable run-ins. The map shows one edge of
the orchard on a public road and another side with what looks like a
private drive.

Any info tidbits would be helpful and appreciated.

Thank you and have a great day,

Michael Charest
Tacoma, Washington
mcharest at wamail.net

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