[Tweeters] Belated report Fir I. 7/27: RED-SHOULDERED HAWK

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Tue Jul 29 08:24:21 PDT 2014


This is my first chance to report on an evening visit to the Skagit WMA Sunday night. I've always been one of those that believes July birding in this part of the world is typically slow and not worth the effort. But after steady toil through the weekend, I wanted to check on the southbound shorebird situation.

Shorebirds were few, but a calling BAIRD'S SANDPIPER (FOS) was flying about over the main dike at the WMA headquarters. Less expected was a female COM. GOLDENEYE near the Hayton Reserve; this was the first that I've ever had in July at sea level west of the Cascades. I managed several photos but am now having trouble getting these up on flickr. Then the great highlight appeared: as I was looking southeast down the bay from Hayton, a RED-SHOULDERED HAWK came into view through the scope as it flew over the shoreline. The cupped-wing flight, rufous in the shoulders above and in flight at the forewing below, were obvious, as was a rufous-banded breast. When the bird banked at one point, I was able to see well the white bands in the otherwise dark tail. The glare was great so the "windows" from above weren't as clear. It was a far-off bird that eluded photography, but I was able to follow it with the scope for over a minute, as it worked the shoreline and scrub adjacent.

Back at Tiny's Land we have a number of PINE SISKINS now and 6-8 RED CROSSBILLS paying daily visits to the pond's fountain. Up to 12 W. TANAGERS are visible in the yard early also, often dropping down to the water's edge, and recently-fledged SPOTTED TOWHEES have joined other visitors this week at the feeder.

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