[Tweeters] Re: Eide Road Help - More Info than You Probably Wanted (and thanks to Michael Willison in absentia)

Blair Bernson blair at washingtonadvisorygroup.com
Sun Jul 27 20:20:31 PDT 2014

Legue Island and Eide Road areas are the same.
Yes we are talking about the Island just before
coming to Camano Island from Stanwood. It is SOUTH
of the Bridge and is a little difficult to get to

Here is a link with good info:

I generally cross the bridge from Stanwood to
Camano (going west) and after passing Eide Road
itself (illegal to make a direct left turn on to
it) turn into a crude small pull out (near some ok
habitat) - check that area out and then turn left
back onto that same road - getting more difficult
with traffic) and then make the legal right turn
onto Eide Road itself. While the area is often
birdy immediately, especially now I just head to
the parking areas and then to the ponds. A WDFG
Pass is required.

Go down Eide Road until it turns to the right and
then follow it (along the dike) past the first
parking area and park in the second one (western
most). I then walk west down the road and turn
north (right) once I hit the black covered
concrete dyke barrier and head into the grass
towards the ponds which should by then be
visible. I always wear high boots as it is muddy
and wet and they are a big help to move to
different areas.

There are three ponds although sometimes the
Eastern most one can be dry. All are affected
somewhat by tides. I generally just go in as
above and that takes me directly to the western
end of the central pond - the largest. From there
I can also see some of the third (western most
pond). While there are generally more birds on
the central pond, there can be many birds and some
good species) on either of the other ponds as well.

It is possible to get to a vantage point for the
first pond from the point above but it takes some
slogging and bushwhacking. That pond can also be
accessed directly from the aforementioned road -
on a crude path through the grass before you get
to the covered concrete dyke. That first
path/trail leads to a crude blind used by hunters
right at the first pond. The problem there is
that it is somewhat difficult to get to the second
pond from there (again slogging/bushwhacking).

This may be TMI for some - hope it helps others.
There are birds in the area other than in the
ponds but right now at least - the ponds are the
star attractions.

Have fun.

Feel free to contact me offline for anything else.

Blair Bernson

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