[Tweeters] Around Othello (Adams, also some Grant Co)

Stefan Schlick greenfant at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 27 18:16:34 PDT 2014

At neither Perch Point nor Lind Coulee (water levels are way too high there) south of Moses Lake I was able to find shorebirds today (but note, I am not able to walk much; they may be there), but Forster's Tern and Clark's Grebe were easy to see.
7 Burrowing Owls were along Lemaster Rd (between Cunningham and Lee) east of Othello.
There was however a good selection of shorebirds at Para Ponds NW of Othello: 3 Baird's, 2 Semipalmated, 1 Least, 2 Western and 1 Spotted Sandpiper, a pair of Black-necked Stilts, 1 Greater Yellowlegs, 2 Red-necked and 8 Wilson's Phalaropes, and lots of Long-billed Dowitchers. A few Tricolored Blackbirds were feeding in the mud as well. Of the 12 Caspian Terns, 1 was a begging juvenile. Some 30 White Pelicans overhead.
Stefan SchlickHillsboro, OR

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