[Tweeters] Where are all the ducks/grebes?

Michelle LaMoustique lamoustique at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 27 17:05:48 PDT 2014

Someone posted recently about the low count of shorebirds. I am new to the area (Vancouver, WA), but I have come here the last three summers.  In 2011 I saw a lot of ducks and pied-billed grebes at Ridgefield NWR, as well as in 2012.  Yes, they were mostly mallards, but there were also Ruddy Ducks and Wood Ducks.  This year I have not seen any Ruddy Ducks. I have seen some Wood Ducks and some Mallards, but far fewer than previously.  I saw no grebes at all.  The first time I went to Ridgefield two weeks ago I saw no ducks at all, and only ONE Wilson's Snipe.  This in an area where last year the sound of winnowing was everywhere.  If this is climate change, I don't like it!
Oh, yes, last summer I did see a Great-tailed Grackle perched on a utility pole in Salmon Creek ( I reported to e-bird but I think I did so incorrectly because the report never showed up).  If they are moving this far north, you can bet there is some serious climate disruption in the making. I can remember when they first started moving into the area I lived in in California, people were excited. Now they are common and they are breeding in areas they never did before.

Michelle Maani
lamoustique at yahoo.com
Vancouver, WA

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