[Tweeters] Ruddy Duck at the Fill

Alexandra MacKenzie mizmak at gmail.com
Sun Jul 27 09:29:08 PDT 2014

I was surprised to see a Ruddy Duck at the Montlake Fill (AKA Union
Bay Natural Area, Seattle) this morning, out on the lake between the
Turtle Logs and East Point. Two blurry photos may be found at:

The Fill has been lovely this weekend, with lots of youngsters about
-- in two mornings I saw a juvenile Song Sparrow, RWBB, Cedar Waxwing,
AMGO, and a Violet-Green Swallow, the latter being fed -- see much
better photos of the swallow feeding at:

Also had a Northern Harrier fly-over Saturday morning, and the adult
eagles have been quite active. Plus young Marsh Wrens taking dirt
baths in the paths -- really quite a fabulous place to be of late.

Alex (Alexandra) MacKenzie
mizmak at gmail.com

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