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Sat Jul 26 01:02:25 PDT 2014

hey everyone,

ian paulson just sent me the link to this Seattle Times story by the
brilliant Seattle Times environmental journalist, Craig Welch:


i am stunned, especially as we as a nation now are nearly face-to-face the
dreaded centennial of the extinction of the passenger pigeon (and other
iconic north american wildlife, such as the carolina parakeet and Rocky
Mountain locust, just to name a few).

i would be most interested to know what your reactions are, whether any of
you have or are participating in these bird surveys, and whether these
dramatic declines represent shifting baselines for you? i certainly
remember huge flocks of western grebes and large numbers of seaducks and
fairly large numbers of loons ... but it appears my personal memories are
not only distant in space, but also in time, and that i may be in for a
heartbreaking shock if i return.

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