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Mon Jul 21 15:58:07 PDT 2014

Hi all, I am here forwarding a letter from Patricia Naumann about what can be done to slow or stop the conversion of the Cheasty Greenbelt from nature to active-recreation status by the Seattle Parks Dept.

Notice that the Cheasty Project is designed to pry open other areas of the Park System for more active uses in the future.

Please take action on Cheasty and please please please vote NO on the Parks District.  With an enhanced flow of money, there will be no respite ever from the new recreation and athletic projects designed to fill in what few remaining (currently 14%) areas of the Seattle Park system that are still in nature.

Thanks, Ed Newbold ednewbold1 at yahoo.com   residential Beacon Hill

Here's the letter....

From: Patricia Naumann <patnaumann at msn.com>
Subject: Save Our Natural Areas . . . .
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2014 08:35:29 -0700

Hello All,
I am writing to ask if you would take a minute to support my efforts to fend off a mountain bike park being installed in the largest contiguous forest in SE Seattle and quite near me.  It also is designed to be the vanguard, as a pilot, to change the bike-use policy so as to allow mountain bike parks in all but excluded Seattle Parks and Greenspaces.  So it is more that just my neighborhood here.  It will effect ALL Seattle in time -- our values, our present and our future.  Once we lose our natural areas, we can't get them back.  Did I mention this large parcel is an Environmentally Sensitive/Critical Area with wetlands, steep slopes, a history of slides, and is quality habitat?  Let me, because the proponents never did in any applicaiton.  And a house adjacent to the parcel is sliding now and has had to be abandoned.  The list goes on; don't get me started.  The effort three years in the making by the combination of the proponents,
Parks, and Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance has circumvented the normal public-involvement process.  Some neighbors still are just learnning of this.  Parks is allowing it to proceed without having funding along with other exceptions.
On Tuesday, July 22, the Seattle Neighborhoods and Public Utilities Council Committee meets at 2pm in Council Chambers at City Hall.  The Neighborhood Matching Fund Large Project Grants will be up for approval including that for the proposed pilot project for a mountain bike park in Cheasty Greenspace.  The Committee is chaired by Sally Bagshaw.  Members are Bruce Harrell and Kshama Sawant, with Tom Rasmussen as alternate.
Here's what I ask:  I hope you may attend to voice your position and/or that you might communicate with the Council by email, addresses below.   
In addition, the following week , Monday, July 28 at 2pm, the Full Council will take up final approval of the applications and I hope you will reach the Council for that as well.  
Please see the attached letter from the Lake City Neighborhood Alliance regarding process concerns and implications for the entire City.  In addition are the letter from the Director of Neighborhoods Bernie Matsuno to the CNC and a previously sent, but amended, "Why Not To Build A Mountain Bike Park in Cheasty Greenspace," the Open Letter by Denise Dahn, and perspective on mountain bikes in natural areas by highly respected Ruth Williams of the Thornton Creek Alliance.  I hope you will take a few minutes to contact all the City Council members and perhaps that you will even come to the Council Chambers on those days.
Visit www.savecheastygreenspace.org for more.
Those Councilmembers on the N'hoods & PU committee Tuesday, July 22, are in bold.  
Sally Bagshaw        sally.bagshaw at seattle.gov
Bruce Harrell          bruce.harrell at seattle.gov
Kshama Sawant      kshama.sawant at seattle.gov
Tom Rasmussen     tom.rasmussen at seattle.gov
Jean Godden          jean.godden at seattle.gov
Sally Clark               sally.clark at seattle.gov
Nick Licata              nick.licata at seattle.gov
Mike O'Brien          mike.obrien at seattle.gov
Tim Burgess           tim.burgess at seattle.gov
Thank you for your interest.
Patricia Naumann
patnaumann at msn.com
panmail at fastmail.fm
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