[Tweeters] Am White Pelican at Columbia River on WA side of Astoria Bridge

Foxwinter at aol.com Foxwinter at aol.com
Sat Jul 19 21:09:59 PDT 2014

Today, about 1:30 pm, a single American White Pelican was 100 yards east of
the Astoria-Megler bridge on the Washington side. It was on a flat rock,
preening, along with a very watchful group of about 30 Canada Geese. It slid
into the water, picked at the shoreline rocks, and shallow water areas,
then swam east thru the pilings, and turned south and drifted out to the open

The bill is light yellow, with flesh colored pouch. Has some black showing
along the side under its wings. Feet pinkish/flesh color. Perhaps it is
I have some nice pictures, and can send a few if you reply to me directly.

Location: just a few hundred yards east of the bridge. I pulled into a
gravel drive, on the river side of Hwy 401. It has a concrete structure
waterside that looks like a bridge or landing support. Sign on the tree says:
"For Sale". It was just below on the rocks. Tide was low, but coming in.
Nice birding today at the sunny coast. Barbara Fox at Welches, OR

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