[Tweeters] Black-headed Grosbeak fledgling

Greg Pluth gjpluth at gmail.com
Sat Jul 19 19:34:32 PDT 2014

I too watched a female BHGR feeding sunflower seed to the the bird in the
images with the black patch background on July 6. I noticed them back again
soon after, but then only the fledgling who must have gotten the hang of
feeding itself has been regular. The little guy must have been recently out
of the nest because I, like Linda Philips, found no representation of that
stage of feathering in my various books. Had it not been for the adult
female, I wouldn't have been sure.The head tufts are both interesting and
cute! I thought the bird has been regular now for the last few weeks, but
now since taking the other two pics here, I believe I have a fledgling
House Finch to confuse me with its head tufts.

Regardless of species, the tufts are new to me.

Greg Pluth
University Place
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