[Tweeters] Edmonds Roundup

Carol Riddell cariddellwa at gmail.com
Thu Jul 17 13:22:21 PDT 2014

Fall shorebird migration is shaping up to be good at the Edmonds marsh. Bright sunny days have made viewing and identification somewhat challenging. Nevertheless, the expected Least and Western Sandpipers have been supplemented by several field sitings of Pectoral Sandpipers (code 3), an unprecedented (for the marsh) nine Long-billed Dowitchers (code 3) the other evening, several Greater Yellowlegs (code 3), and one late identification of a Baird's Sandpiper (code 3) from a photograph. This morning brought much better viewing conditions because of the overcast sky. We had a lone Short-billed Dowitcher (code 4) feeding and walking around long enough that we could detect its much more slender form and absence of the hump on the back of Long-billed. The last Short-billed Dowitcher was seen August 15, 2013. This morning we also saw a Spotted Sandpiper (code 3) in the beginnings of its molt to basic plumage.

The Heermann's Gulls have returned to the waterfront in good numbers. There appear to be over 200 of them. Rhinoceros Auklets are returning to feed in Edmonds waters. There were at least 30 out yesterday afternoon. I did a low tide walk from Olympic Beach to the Shell Creek beach on July 14th. It was notable for no shorebirds but there were good numbers of Heermann's and California Gulls at the creek mouth, two Ospreys, and a Brandt's Cormorant (code 3) flyby. An ebird checklist from Charlie Wright for July 16th adds Parasitic Jaeger (code 3) and Red-necked Phalarope (code 3) to our year count, which is at 160.

Carol Riddell
Edmonds, Wa

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