[Tweeters] Black-headed Grosbeak

Roland Coleman rcoleman at certifiedso.com
Mon Jul 14 23:58:24 PDT 2014

First time we've seen a Black-headed Grosbeak in our area. Same area where the Painted Bunting was discovered several years ago near Tonasket, WA.

Migratory map in Sibley's makes me think they are fairly common here, but are they really?

Something I do know is this: They are very elusive. Do not like to be observed and we are very respectful of that.

The reason I ask this question and say this is because a pair is nesting in a large Lilac a mere 40' from our house, yet it was only luck that we discovered them.

Once we knew some kind of "new" bird was there we had to sit and wait 30 min. to see the female and another 30 min. to see the male. Haven't seen them since but hear them call from cover of dense foliage.

Roland Coleman
rcoleman at certifiedso.com

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