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Penny Rose and I wandered up the Sourdough Ridge trail and beyond up to Second Burroughs today. Arrival at 8:30am we started in the parking lot with Mt. Bluebird, Clarks Nutcracker, WC Sparrow, and lots of Juncos.

We began up the trail listening to Red-breasted Nuthatch, Yellow-rumped Warbler, and a very strange sounding Lincolns Sparrow. The trail was snow free all the way to Frozen lake. At the lake we began to see and hear Red Crossbills, American Pipits and Horned Larks, with hummingbirds were quite numerous today. We discussed hiking up to Mt. Fremont lookout or continuing up to Second Burroughs, with the second option being our decision. We were hoping to spy White-tailed Ptarmigan today but had never hiked up to Second Burrough so the new trail suited us. A very large group of mountain goats (with several extremely adorable kids) lounging on a snow field atop First Burroughs. Two large snow fields were easily crossed to get to Second Burroughs. Lots of butterflies fighting at the top were a nice distraction to the lack of birds other than Ravens and Hummingbirds. What a great view at the top of this burrough!

On the way back down we saw a Horned Lark displaying above Frozen lake and a juvenile Kestral flew around above us for a minute or so.

Beautiful weather and a very nice hike.....maybe Ptarmigans next week!


Amy Powell (formerly Schillinger)

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