[Tweeters] Olive-sided Flycatchers

Bob Sundstrom ixoreus at scattercreek.com
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Mid-July would be on the early extreme of southbound migration for
Olive-sided Flycatcher, and if these birds are truly post-breeding migrants
it is unlikely they would be singing their full song. Assuming you are not
hearing the singers in an area where they may have been nesting, one
possibility at this season (according to Birds of North America online) is
unpaired males, which may be on the move and still advertising for a mate.
BNA has this to say about Olive-sided Flycatchers too: "Probability of
detection by song is 94% before arrival of female and paired status; 34%
after arrival of female and pairing (Wright 1997); 53% during incubation;
12% once young have hatched." So not much singing during fledging period,
unlike oscine passerines.

Good birding, Bob

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I too heard an Olive-sided Flycatcher last week, and thought that it was a
little early to be migrating south already.

Christine Southwick
N Seattle/Shoreline
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> Do olive-sided flycatchers migrate this early?  Usually, about all I

> hear each year is one very early on and maybe one in very late summer. 

> The past week-and-a-half they are singing all over the place on our

> street. I walk my dog twice a day and hear them in various spots and I

> doubt this is one bird following us. I'm always pleased to hear them

> because for some very strange reason, way back in the 70s, I missed

> one bird on our ornithology final: an olive-sided flycatcher. When I

returned home that afternoon after our field test which I think was given by
Dennis what greeted me was, of course, "pick three beers." No matter what
age I reach, I certainly won't forget that unique bird call!


> Cheers, Diann

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