[Tweeters] Olive-sided Flycatchers

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I too heard an Olive-sided Flycatcher last week, and thought that it was a little early to be migrating south already.

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On Sun, 13 Jul 2014, Diann MacRae wrote:

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> Do olive-sided flycatchers migrate this early?  Usually, about all I hear each year is one very early

> on and maybe one in very late summer.  The past week-and-a-half they are singing all over the place on

> our street. I walk my dog twice a day and hear them in various spots and I doubt this is one bird

> following us. I'm always pleased to hear them because for some very strange reason, way back in the

> 70s, I missed one bird on our ornithology final: an olive-sided flycatcher. When I returned home that

> afternoon after our field test which I think was given by Dennis what greeted me was, of course, "pick

> three beers." No matter what age I reach, I certainly won't forget that unique bird call!


> Cheers, Diann  

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