[Tweeters] RE: Notes on Cordilleran vs Pacific-slope in Latah, Nez Perce, and nearby counties - in response to the splitters

John Hanna johnwalterhanna at gmail.com
Sun Jul 13 14:24:20 PDT 2014

Myself and many others I know disagree with keeping Cordilleran and
Pacific-slope seperate just so that some birders that have seen
Pacific-slope on the coast and Cordilleran in Wyoming can keep two species
instead of one on their life list. I think that if the science (including
DNA evidence) shows a wide swath of intergrade birds it supports the
combination of these two species back into one (Western Flycatcher). I look
different, sound different, and have different DNA than someone from China.
Does that mean we are different species? I do not think so.

Someone asked me what intergrade meant and here was my attempt to answer:

The term intergrade suggests that the intermediete genetics that make of
these individuals come from a time preceding that of the parent birds (the
parents of these birds were also not pure Cordilleran or Pacific-slope).
Intergrades are hybrids but not all hybrids are intergrades. For example, a
hybrid between two different species such as Mallard X Northern Pintail is
not an intergrade. It looks like more evidence may soon be presented that
show these intergrade birds cover a wider area than was thought when
Western Flycatcher was split into two species. To me this also suggests
that Cordilleran and Pacific-slope are subspecies/races of one species
(Western Flycatcher).

Here is a link I found on hybrid vs intergrade

John Hanna
Lewiston, Idaho
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