[Tweeters] Another summer mystery

Abby Larson larson8 at uw.edu
Fri Jul 11 09:16:33 PDT 2014

Hi Tweeters,

I'm putting another one out there, this time I'm not even hazarding a
guess. Okay, maybe a nuthatch? Once the babies start singing and flying
around with half their feathers, I'm easily flummoxed. I saw this this
morning at around 8:30 in the grove where herons used to nest, southeast of
Drummond fountain on UW Seattle campus. First link below is to a video
with sound--the call is what I didn't recognize, and the visual didn't help
much either--not only was I caught without my binoculars, what I could see
wasn't much better than the second link, the only photograph I could take
that wasn't backlit.



It was dark grey on top, with a white face with possible eyeline or
smudginess--maybe a really young red-breasted nuthatch? Or white-breasted?
Its tail was only two or three feathers, and bushtit length. Gave the
impression of straight, short and skinny. The call was like an
orange-crowned warbler with a harsh edge to it, and with the volume turned
up, no sweetness at all.

Anyway, if anyone wants to take a moment to check it out and let me know
what they think it might be, I'd sure appreciate it.

Abby Larson
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