[Tweeters] White Pelicans on Whidbey and Bobwhite on Chuckanut Drive

pflores floresnw at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 8 21:13:51 PDT 2014

Someone on Whidbey Island reported a flock of 30 plus white pelicans on June
30 heading westerly towards Smugglers Cove where they were assumed they
would cross the water, which would put them over around Pt Hadlock. This
was reported on the Whidbey Audubon website.

Also, I just received a video with sound recording from friends located on
Chuckanut Drive in Bellingham, asking if I could identify the bird call. It
took me a couple minutes for it to sink in that it was a Northern Bobwhite,
which matched the Sibley app and the Cornell Bird website. Anyone know the
status of bobwhites in Bellingham? I'm guessing farm raised escapee?

Those are my second hand reports for the day, hope you all have good first
hand sightings of interesting birds!

Paula Flores
Greenbank, WA

flores at hotmail

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