[Tweeters] Northern Flickers, bird predators?

bruce paige BBPaige at nikola.com
Sun Jul 6 17:32:21 PDT 2014

A friend phoned me from Port Townsend yesterday to describe an unusual bird behavior observation. She said the house next door has had Violet-green Swallows nesting behind the vent under the eaves of the roof for many years. Recently, she observed a flicker perch on the vent, and it was mobbed by not only the swallow pair, but many other adults showing signs of extreme distress. The flicker would not budge for the swallows or when my friend chucked tennis balls near it.

She asked me if the flicker posed any threat to the baby swallows, and I said I didn't remember observing or reading of them preying upon birds of any kind. The flicker finally flew a short distance away.

Does anyone out there know of flickers preying upon young or adult birds, or were the swallows just responding to a perceived and not an actual threat?

Bruce Paige

spruceak at yahoo.com
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