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During a circuit of Mount Rainier yesterday, I found a single female
Pine Grosbeak perched, calling, in trees between the visitor center at
Paradise and the employee residence area, around 11:30. I know others
have reported them there in recent years, but it may have been my first
for the park (and was present only the third of four times I walked that
sidewalk yesterday). Evening Grosbeaks were more evident than usual
there and around Chinook/Cayuse, too.

Also surprising to me were a pair of Golden Eagles at Chinook Pass.
They were perched on the rock peak just south, then soared northish,
into the park. Are they nesting somewhere nearby?

Paradise and Tipsoo are still mostly snow covered, but flowers are great
in Stevens Canyon and at Box Canyon.

Of 4 July, 2014,

Alan Grenon
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