[Tweeters] OVENBIRD - Clark County 4 July 2014

Matt Bartels mattxyz at earthlink.net
Fri Jul 4 19:39:14 PDT 2014

Hi all -
This morning, I was headed towards Larch Mountain in eastern Clark County when I heard an Ovenbird out the car window.

I spent the next hour and a half [between 10 and 11:30] making recordings and trying and trying to get a look -- like the bird we had on San Juan Island on June 1, this bird was not interested in being seen -- I had all day, so I waited it out and eventually got a look to go along with a whole lot of singing. For the most part, the Ovenbird seemed to stay well up in the trees -- it would sing two or three times, then go silent for 5-10 minutes. Though it moved around, it stayed in the same general area for the entire period and didn't seem to be on the move.

I was coming from Battle Ground, through Hockinson, and then up Rawson Rd., which becomes L-1400. According to the map below, it should be about 4.9 miles from the turn onto Rawson -- but the way I measured, it would be easies to go west 1.2 miles from the intersection of L-1400 and L-1500 -- this is a corner marked with arrows pointing in directions to : Larch Mountain / L-1500 / Camas / Hockinson - -take the Hockinson route back 1.2 miles. At 1.2 miles, there's a pull-off in front of a gate on the south side of the road -- the gate's post has 'CLP' painted on one post. On the road in front of the turn-off, "1326AP" is painted. From the pull off, walk west about 100 feet and listen for the song from the forest across the road [north side] -- It stayed about 50 feet in the woods, but it is a very open forest, easy to walk into.

This map link looks like it should get to about the right place -- point 'B' is the pull-off, I think, and 'c' is the intersection mentioned above.


Also in the area - a Barred Owl, many Hermit Warblers and plenty of other birds.

Good birding!

Matt Bartels
Seattle, WA

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