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Thanks, Tony & all -

I went down to the Lake after the Germany-France match (1-0), and got a few better photos of the bird.

I have a hard time calling this anything other than a Western Grebe. The bill has a orangish aspect to the yellow, but the dark cap certainly seems to be 'at or below' the eye line. The hind-neck on the bird I saw today seems much wider than that on the bird I photographed on the 2nd inst. ( https://www.flickr.com/photos/jon_d_anderson/14539615726/ ), which has led to some speculation that there might be two birds involved.

I did a quick scan of the central basin of the lake this p.m., as well as out in the salt water north of the lake, and didn't see any other Aechmophorus grebes, so I don't have the feeling that I'm seeing more than one - but, stranger things have happened while birding! However, I plan to keep an eye out for grebes for a few days, just to make sure.

Cheers, and Good Birding,
Jon. Anderson
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Greetings, I located a Grebe this morning and got good looks in a 30x scope. Western Grebe. This morning it was moving between the South side of the North pool and the 5th street dam.

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