[Tweeters] Osprey cam

Dayna Yalowicki dlwicki at comcast.net
Fri Jul 4 13:38:25 PDT 2014

I don't know if anyone has been following the osprey cam in Nelson, B.C. and I hope this is not a forbidden topic, if so, my apologies in advance. Three chicks hatched, then the male was killed by a high voltage power line near the nest. The female did not cope well and as a result, 2 chicks died and the 3rd was just rescued this morning by O.W.L. in Delta, B.C. Nelson Hydro and Columbia Wireless did all they could to save the family, including providing fresh fish to the female on a platform, which looked to be working, but in the end, she stopped feeding the chicks and herself. There is info on Nelson Osprey Cam facebook page and also O.W.L.'s website. Columbia Wireless was to give a press release today. The webcam is still up for now and chat room open.

Dayna Yalowicki
Bothell, Wa

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