[Tweeters] White Pelicans at Dungeness Bay

Boekelheide bboek at olympus.net
Thu Jul 3 17:48:41 PDT 2014

This afternoon (7/3/14) there are at least 38 White Pelicans feeding and roosting near the mouth of the Dungeness River, visible from Dungeness Landing County Park.

They look to be adults in a variety of plumages, from some overall white with the strange plate sticking up on the upper mandible, to some adults with lots of grayish-black on their heads and no plates, to some adults with both dark heads and strange plates sticking up on their upper mandible. I can’t see any young birds in the group, but maybe they’re hiding.

I've never noticed before how tightly clumped White Pelicans can become when they roost. When they all clump together and stick their heads under their wings, the group of 38 gets reduced to look like only half that many real quick. For big birds, they sure disappear.

Good numbers of Western Sandpipers are also back, with at least 200+ flying along the shore this evening.

Bob Boekelheide

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