[Tweeters] Possible Clark's Grebe at Capitol Lake?

festuca at comcast.net festuca at comcast.net
Wed Jul 2 20:57:34 PDT 2014

Hi folks,

I was walking around Capitol Lake in Olympia this noon, and heard a one-syllable "Western" Grebe call that didn't sound 'right'.

I came back this evening with binoculars to see a grebe with:
- a yellow-orange-straw colored bill, with no olive or greyish-tinge.
- the dark cap came down to/above, but not below, the eye
- relatively pale back (could be a function of the light?)
- appeared to have a fairly thin black stripe on back of its neck

The bird did not fly, although it dove several times.

If someone could get there with a functioning spotting scope (a 'whole 'nother story) and/or better camera lens to confirm or deny the sighting, I'd be appreciative as I haven't seen this species in Thurston County before.


Many thanks,
Jon. Anderson
festuca AT comcast dot net

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