[Tweeters] "Best" time to visit Malheur / Caryn.Wedgwood (and lots of bird babies!) + (Bandtail Pigeon ?)

Caryn Schutzler bluedarner1 at seanet.com
Tue Jul 1 12:28:08 PDT 2014

Hi Tweeters -

For future reference, would very much appreciate input on best or favorite time to visit Malheur. I've heard and read there is a "buggy" season, but any info you could provide, as always will be so helpful.

Would love to hear about any other favorite NWR's. My favorite so far (not out of many) was Bear River in Utah! Although the birding seemed even easier at Antelope Island. That was certainly a magical place.

Our garden too has been a magical place this year with so many bird babies! Starting early of course with the Anna's. Since then we've had Chestnut Backed Chickadees, RB Nuthatches, No. Flickers, RS Towhees, Juncos. Others yet to be determined or observed.

I have been seeing a pair of Bandtailed Pigeons hanging out in one spot and saw one of them fiddling with and then dropping a couple of twigs. The one then sat empty-billed in the birch for nearly a half hour. Another emerged from the neighboring cedar and then they both sat and preened for a while then took off like bats out of you know where. Is this a sign of nesting behavior? I can't seem to see any evidence of a nest. I often hear their calls and they feed in the yard. I've read conflicting info about nesting.

Stay cool and fill those birdbaths! One of my many bbaths is on my deck and is a particular favorite of the Chestnut Backs.

So many birds...

Caryn / Wedgwood

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