[Tweeters] Clallam County Waterfowl Challenge 01/31/2014

Vincent Lucas vincentlucas5 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 31 18:25:26 PST 2014

I read somewhere, perhaps on Tweeters(?), about someone finding over twenty
species of waterfowl in one day. I'm not sure if all of those birds were in
one county or not. Having found a Canvasback (Clallam County Code 3) bird
yesterday, I decided I'd try to find as many waterfowl species i.e. geese,
swans and ducks, all in Clallam County in one day. Despite getting a late
morning start, I managed to tally 25 species total. Twenty-two of them were
ducks. First those waterfowl on which I dipped:

Greater White-fronted Goose -- scarce since early January in Clallam
County as far as I know.
Emperor Goose -- recent bird gone for well over 10 days. I haven't seen any
recent reports.
Snow Goose & Cackling Goose -- I saw both last week at Civic Field/Stadium
in Port Angeles, but no geese whatsoever were there today. :-(
Tundra Swan -- I haven't seen one all winter in Clallam County.
Wood Duck -- I tried several spots including Carrie Blake County Park where
one was reported yesterday, to no avail.
Cinnamon Teal -- None that I know of this winter in Clallam County
Redhead -- Ditto
Barrow's Goldeneye -- Could not find one today despite looking in the
"usual" places.

Here's my Clallam County waterfowl list for 01/31/2014. Only the first
sighting locale is listed. Many species were sen at multiple sites.

Brant -- Jamestown Beach, Sequim
Canada Goose -- Coast Guard Station Runway, Port Angeles
Trumpeter Swan -- Schmuck Rd., Sequim
Gadwall -- Pond at Jct. of Striped Peak Rd. & Freshwater Bay Rd., west of
Port Angeles
Eurasian Wigeon -- Carrie Blake County Park, Sequim
American Wigeon -- Ediz Hook, Port Angeles
Mallard -- Freshwater Bay, west of Port Angeles
Northern Shoveler -- Ediz Hook, Port Angeles
Northern Pintail -- 3 Crabs, Sequim
Green-winged Teal -- Kitchen-Dick Ponds, Sequim
Canvasback -- Kitchen-Dick Ponds, Sequim
Ring-necked Duck -- Fasola Rd. Pond, Sequim
Greater Scaup -- Ediz Hook, Port Angeles
Lesser Scaup -- Ediz Hook, Port Angeles
Harlequin Duck -- Ediz Hook, Port Angeles
Surf Scoter -- Ediz Hook, Port Angeles
White-winged Scoter -- Ediz Hook, Port Angeles
Black Scoter -- Strait of Juan de Fuca from Dungeness Recreation Area
bluffs, Sequim
Long-tailed Duck -- Ediz Hook, Port Angeles
Bufflehead -- Ediz Hook, Port Angeles
Common Goldeneye -- Ediz Hook, Port Angeles
Hooded Merganser -- Freshwater Bay Rd. Pond, west of Port Angeles
Common Merganser -- Ediz Hook, Port Angeles
Red-breasted Merganser -- Ediz Hook, Port Angeles
Ruddy Duck -- Kitchen-Dick Ponds, Sequim

Also seen, but not "counted" was a domestic goose at Pond at Jct. of
Striped Peak Rd. & Freshwater Bay Rd., west of Port Angeles

Oh . . . and "Sara", a Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, who I met with her owners.
Seen at 3 Crabs, Sequim. She gave me a "high-five" for doing my challenge.



Vincent Lucas
Sequim, WA
vincentlucas5 at gmail.com
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