[Tweeters] Boe Road birthday present

JeffO jeffo4297 at wavecable.com
Fri Jan 31 16:58:06 PST 2014

My sweetie has another birthday today, but that's another story....
To get out this afternoon we took a quick trip to Boe Road south of
Along with the usual suspects of ducks and widgeon, there were a few
The prairie falcon made an appearance with a few passes at nearby eagles
before settling onto a post for looks which lasted over half an hour.
We also had an American Kestrel (probably female) that flew around and
perched before taking a killdeer from a flock on the ground. She almost
immediately dropped it as a Northern Harrier swooped in to steal her kill.
Also had very good looks at several short eared owls interacting with
multiple Harriers.
And, a bright spot of Western Meadowlark moving through the grass
field. Lots of bright yellow suggesting that breeding plumage is here
for that species.
A very nice afternoon. Hard to beat that for a birthday present. Not
sure it lets me off the hood though

Jeff Osmundson

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